Ryan Harris, Life Enrichment DirectorRyan Harris

Life Enrichment Director

Ryan is responsible for the development and implementation of programs that are designed to enhance the health and well-being of our residents. These programs instill a sense of purpose and fulfillment for our residents while providing them with entertainment and general life enrichment. Ryan has worked with many of the area’s gifted musical entertainers, art and fitness instructors, lecturers, and spiritual leaders and he’s passionate about bringing them to our residents for their enjoyment and engagement.

Ryan’s experience in working in many communities throughout his early professional years has given him an understanding and appreciation of seniors. They continue to hold a very special place in his heart and he believes it is their hard work and wisdom which has built the foundation for his life today.

Ryan lives in Attleboro, MA, with his dogs and spends much of his free time exploring the many cultural, historical offerings of Providence and surrounding communities. He believes every person has something special to offer and we should all live by the words of the Irish poet, Oscar Wilde, “be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

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